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In the event that you’re not aware of it, the CMMI or the Capability Maturity Model Integration is a model that assists businesses, companies, and organizations in transforming their business procedures and processes and develop behaviors that are all for the reduction of risk in products and services.

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What is the CMMI?

In a nutshell, the CMMI is a type of program that can help and give assistance to you and to your organization in making sure that your processes and your procedures are built for the betterment of your company, and that all risks and problems are off to a decrease and a fall to reduction.

Originally, though, the CMMI was tailored and was made for software only. It was designed to be used by businesses and companies that utilize software and programs for their business or their organization.

Now, though, it can also be applied to hardware and even service development across businesses and organizations across all industries.

What’s the Goal of the CMMI?

Ideally, the goal of the CMMI is the be able to make or create a structure of environments that are reliable and are efficient.

In a more specific and particular manner, it contains objectives for organizations about how they can produce quality products consistently, improve and develop customer satisfaction, increase shareholder value, and many more!

It’s an all-around certification that you would surely want to have for your business or your organization!

Where Can You Get CMMI Certification?

If you’re after becoming CMMI certified, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary tools and requirements for it – some of which include:

Knowledge of All Levels

The CMMI has a total of five (5) different levels which run from the Initial process, down to the optimizing process or the process of improvement. Once you learn and you have knowledge of this, it’ll be easy going for you from there.


While practicing and implementing the standard, it is imperative that you have documentation of it. The purpose of this document is that you will be able to follow guidelines, and at the same time, it’s what will be used for the certification against the standard.

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