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Kentucky is the state in the country filled with versatile and diversified businesses and organizations. In addition to that, the state is also home to organizations and companies involved in Aviation, Space, and Defense (ASD) industries.

That being said, we, at IQC the ISO Pros of Kentucky, have established the state and the stature of our services all across the state. So, if you are in Richmond, Lexington, Paducah, or even Highland Heights and you’re part of the ASD sector, you can completely bank and count on us!


What is AS9100?

AS9100 is the standard published and developed by both the International Organization for Standardization or the ISO, together with the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) for the purpose of setting specific and uniform guidelines on how ASD businesses and organizations should pursue their services.

Is AS9100 Required?

Major manufacturers and organizations require compliance to the AS9100 standard; it’s always some sort of a condition in order to work with them.

Why? – Because knowledge and observation of the standard is like indirectly saying that you fully understand and comprehend all the requirements set by the ISO and the IAQG.

Getting AS9100 Certified

The steps to becoming an AS9100 certified company are rather simple but technical. While it’s not far from how you can become certified in ISO standards, the procedures might seem a bit too technical, especially for a new and blooming company or organization.

Firstly, what you need to do is to make sure that you’re in full understanding of the ISO. You need to know what it is; you need to be aware of what its purpose is, and you have to understand why it’s needed.

After so, you would have to practice and train for the standard – this step does not require you to fully implement it to the company, but at least get with people within the organization to help you in terms of formally implementing it.

Once that’s done and accomplished, the next step is to ensure that you have enough and sufficient documentation about the standard as that will be what the basis is for the accreditation or the certification.

Lastly, what you’ll have to do next is to attain certification by contacting an auditing company or organization to see and assess the performance of your organization against the standard, that’s where we come in here at IQC the ISO Pros of Kentucky.

Why Choose Us?

Out of all the many ISO certification companies in the state of Kentucky, we’re deemed and considered to be the best because of the effectiveness of our procedures, as well as the promising results we offer.

So, don’t worry about where you can get AS9100 training and certification – we can offer that to you wherever you may be in the state!

Work with the best, and the most sought after, and the most opted ISO auditing and certification company in the whole of Kentucky!

Become AS9100 certified without any troubles and without being compromised!

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